Austin is passionate about California, his community, and his home. In recent years, he has recognized the deterioration of our state and misrepresentation by our elected officials such as Dr. Richard Pan of District 6. Because of this, he has decided to run for State Senate because he believes he can bring a better vision to California. A vision that will confront and solve the problems for the people of District 6 and the state of California. It is time for elected officials to serve the people and to return the power back to the people of California where it belongs.


Austin is a California native, born in Fresno and grew-up in Corning. He attended Butte College and was a standout running back for the 1986 Butte College championship football team and also had the opportunity to attended at Chico State. In 1996, he married the love of his life, Caryn Noh, and relocated to Sacramento. There he and his wife have lived in their first home and have been a part of the fabric of the Sacramento community, raising their family of five children with ages ranging from nine to nineteen-years old. Austin is a man of faith, having trusted Christ as his Lord and Savior, he endeavors to live the values and principles of the Christian faith by loving his neighbors and being an example of what it means to be a leader by severing others.


Austin is a proven trustworthy servant-leader. Being strategic and entrepreneurial minded, Austin is the founder of Bennett Financial Strategies, a successful financial company with 16 years of experience helping families manage their financial assets and retirement planning. He is a Registered Investment Advisor with the state of California, where people have been putting their trust in his judgment for their financial future and continues to serve the community as a trusted financial advisor. He was recently featured in the Sacramento Magazine by Five Star Professional as a top community wealth manager. He is the recipient of three professional financial designations, four FINRA Security licenses and received a Bachelor of Science in Business.  In his previous career, Mr. Bennett worked as a journalist and reporter for KCPM-24 NBC affiliate.

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